Wednesday, 31 October 2012

No idea why wrote this. At all.

I am old

I am young

I am as radiant as the sun

I exist merely by chance

Not by a woman in a man's pants

I can walk

I can fly

Like a diamond in an eye

I am lonely

But never truly alone.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Unfinished and Never-to-be-finished stories/chapter-y things.

**I know they're all crap and need revising :p**


Natalie Crane frowned.  It was dark in her room, too dark for her liking. Her bedside lamp stopped working. She felt her way to her shelf. She felt around for the candles. Her hand clasped around one. She set it down on her desk. She reached inside her pocket and brought out her lighter. Being the adopted daughter of chain-smokers did have its up-sides. She lit the candle. A small flame emerged from the candle, gradually got bigger so she could see most of her room.  She sighed and thought about going to this party. She never felt like she fit in with the group she hung around with. She’d told them that she couldn’t go, that Maryse, her adopted mother, said that Natalie couldn’t go. This was not the case, Maryse wanted her to go. Natalie didn’t mind parties, it’s just she doesn’t get along with people. She always felt different. Not better, just different. Natalie was a great dancer, but she hated dancing in public.  Oh to Hell with it. She was going to go. She walked to her walk-in-wardrobe. She looked for the dress she had gotten two weeks ago. Peacock patterned and strapless. It was designed by Nina Cannarci.  She finally found it and put it on. She looked at her reflection on her mirror. She took the pins out of her long, copper hair, letting it fall loosely around her shoulders. She looked pretty. For once.  She skipped down the stairs. She popped her head in the living room doorway, “Maryse, I’ve changed my mind, I’m going to the party.” Maryse looked over at Natalie, her eyes full of adoration. “You look beautiful, Natalie,” she said, simply, before her eyes went back to the TV screen. Natalie sighed and headed out the front door, to her car. She got in, started the car up and drove.

The place was packed, Sebastian Varendire noted with satisfaction.  The more people that were here, the easier it was for him to do what he came for, to find and bring Natalie Crane to the compound. Sebastian didn’t notice her come in, but everyone else had.  Natalie had cascaded into the club, like she owned the place. When Sebastian finally noticed her, she was already dancing, with a guy, who had his arms around her waist. She dirty danced up his body. Sebastian had enough of watching. He walked up to them. He stole Natalie from the guy, who glared at Sebastian, and pulled her to him. She looked at him. Natalie ran her tongue over her top lip before starting to dance again. This time with him. As Natalie danced, she looked at Sebastian. He had dark black hair, pale skin, high angular cheekbones. She stopped looking at him. Sebastian leaned in to her ear. “Let’s go outside,” he breathed into her ear. “I want to show you something.” Natalie nodded and followed him into the garden. Sebastian stopped beside a black jeep. He opened the backseat door. Natalie turned to run, but before she could, Sebastian had seized her around the middle and pulled her back. He pushed her up against the side of the car. “Sorry, but it just has to be done,” He said, before raising his arm and bringing her unconscious.


Natalie awoke to the sound of singing birds. It took her another moment to realise that she was not at home, not in her own bed. She took in her surroundings.  She was lying in a four poster bed, the curtains were undrawn. The walls were stone. There was a fireplace opposite the bed, and an empty frame hanging above the fireplace. Natalie wondered what had been in that frame, or what was about to be put in. There were two doors in the room, each opposite each other. Natalie got out of bed and went over to the door closest to her left. She tried the handle. The door swung open, in it was a bathroom. One huge bath, a toilet, a sink, a wall made entirely out of mirrors, a square box, which Natalie suspected held towels. At the far end of the room there was a cupboard, which held various toiletries. Natalie turned the bath taps on, and got in.    
 After she had done, and when she was dry, she went back into the room, which she had woken up in. Natalie noticed that there were clothes folded neatly on the bed. A plain black hoodie, black tee, pants and black sneakers. She dressed with quite some difficulty, he arm still hurt from where Sebastian had grabbed her. Sebastian. His name made something flutter inside of her. She blinked. Sebastian couldn't mean anything to her. Not him. She only met him yesterday, for Christ’s Sake! "The only emotion I feel like this about him is that he infuriates me." Natalie told herself, a little too loudly, for,
"Is that so? And who would this young man be? Me, perhaps?" came an all too familiar masculine voice, from behind Natalie. She turned towards the door, hoping that it was just her imagination. She was unlucky. It was Sebastian. “No,” He continued. “It was that guy you were dancing with, last night, at the club.”
“What do you want?” Natalie said, changing the subject. Sebastian looked startled, for a moment. “I’ve been told to escort you to the


Natalie Crane opened her eyes. She groaned and rolled over. She didn’t want tomorrow to happen. Stupid Kingdom. Stupid Life. Why did all this have to exist? Why was there such a guy as James Dickson, who she was being made to marry? Why couldn’t she marry who she loved? He was a suitor, but Grandmother didn’t approve of his dark blue eyes. I mean like what the fuck? Just because of his eyes. She sighed, dreamily, and thought of Seth Stone. His dark blue eyes that were so mesmerising, his short black hair, his skin so pale, looked to her like diamonds, the smooth curve of his lips, she knew this from staring, and yes, there had been a few stolen kisses. He was beautiful, to her anyway. He had risked his life for her more than once.   Why couldn’t she marry him instead?
                                      There was a knock on her chamber door. “Come in,” Natalie called. She sat up in the bed. The door opened. It was her best friend, Katarina Strange. Katarina was married. She married a guy who she loved. I was jealous of her, but I tried not to let it show.
**I don't know why I used the same name**


"If I could write you a song to make you fall in love I would already have you but under my arm" the opening lines of Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner blazed out of my radio. I and my little sister Esmeralda were talking about me going to Diamond Academy. "You have to wear a uniform", said Esmeralda, looking at the school brochure.
 "What let me see that give it to me" I said.
 I scanned the brochure. Nada.
"Oh ha ha ha Not Ez how many times do I have to tell you? Do not get me stressed."
She just laughed and said
 "Crisse when do you ever get stressed? And last week you were over the moon about seeing lily. Scarlett, Jasper and Felix are going to be there as well."
I sighed. Scarlett was my bff since as long as I could remember and Felix is going out with her and Jasper? You ask, well is the love of my life. "I guess you're right. But don't call me Crisse. I hate it my name is-" She cut me off."I know I know your name is Miss Crystal Ruby Topaz Diamonds and have you sent off the application form? She asked. I sighed, my sister can be so stupid sometimes." Of course I have Ez, I'm not retarded"